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Create online forms in minutes.

Get answers to your forms by mail and in excel formats

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With you can Create ->Publish-> Share your forms within Minutes
Manage all forms you have created from your member area.

Collect the answers

You can visualize and analyse the answer the way you want. From your member area, by mail or through a downlable excel file, get the answers to your questions

File attachments enabled

Empower your forms with file upload capabilities. Running a recruitment campaign ? Get the resumes of the candidates attached to the submitted forms.

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Why is the service free ?

The website is new and the service is free for the first registered users. When community will grow and the number of user will expand we will propose different packages. Free package will continue to exist.


Do I need to setup credit card to use your service ?

Not at all.


Do I need coding skills ?

No. You don’t need to write any code to use our services.


How can I register ?

Click on start NOW and then click on signup.

Then send us a request through the contact form (above) mentioning your email address. We need to proceed this way to control accounts creation.


How can I delete my account ?

Send us a request through the contact form above.


Are the forms compatible with mobile devices ?

Our forms are fully compatible with mobile devices. To report any bug use the contact form above.

How can I report a bug ?

Use the contact form above.


Can I embed my forms in my website ?

You can embed your forms in your website.


How can I contact you ?

Use the contact form above.